Loaded Radio talks with Dave Mustaine from Megadeth about a new album, Dave Ellefson, Metallica and the future of Gigantour…

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DAVEMUSTAINE2Recently Loaded Radio’s Scott Penfold spoke one on one with Dave Mustaine from Megadeth.

Hands down you can’t deny Dave’s influence and relevancy in metal, stemming back to the early 80’s with Metallica and then the formation of the mighty thrash giants Megadeth.  Mustaine seems like a man who’s been through a pretty massive war, yet came out tough as nails on the other end.  His intelligence and sense of humour show Dave Mustaine isn’t only a survivor, but someone who has flourished in battle.  Whether it be with former band mates, substance abuse or family, Dave has punched through victorious.

In this talk, Dave talks about working on the follow up to Super Collider, his feelings toward Metallica today, the possibility of future Big 4 shows and fellow musicians Dave Ellefson and Kerry King (Slayer).

Click below to listen…


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  1. 28 July 14, 2:52pm

    This is for Dave , No More Metallica..


  2. Gaurav
    29 July 14, 1:59am

    What song is it in the background? Is it a Megadeth instrumental?

  3. LoganStrike
    30 July 14, 4:28am

    The song in the background is called Dead But Rising by Volbeat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zhUgaxYs88

  4. Gaurav
    17 September 14, 11:12pm

    Thank You LoganStrike ! 🙂 Awesome song.

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