Singer Sebastian Bach recently made an appearance on Eddie Trunk’s show ‘Trunk Nation’, where he was asked if there has been any progress on a SKID ROW reunion.

Bach responded: “All I can say is that [my manager] Rick [Sales] is talking to [SKID ROW’s early manager] Doc [McGhee]. That’s all I can say. That is what is happening, and I don’t have anything else to tell you. All I can tell you is we’re not getting any younger, folks. [Laughs] Let’s put the hair band back together while we’ve got hair. [Laughs]”

SKID ROW in the meantime have been playing and even recording new material with former DRAGONFORCE singer ZP Theart, however he has not been officially named the band’s new frontman. Theart stepped into the group following the departure of TNT vocalist Tony Harnell who joined SKID ROW in April 2015 following the departure of singer Johnny Solinger.

Guitarist Dave “Snake” Sabo told The Aquarian Weekly a few months ago that the band had no intention of reconnecting with Bach, saying: “Happiness, to me, is my spirit and my soul is more important to me than having dollars in my wallet. People may [not] believe that and that’s okay. Anybody who knows me knows that to be true. I don’t think you can place a price on happiness. We’ve been hit repeatedly over the years with, ‘Why don’t you do a reunion tour?’ And you know what? I understand the question and I get it. I really do, and if I were on the outside, I’d be asking the same question, but no one feels comfortable with that idea.”