Temple Of The Dog have released a demo version of a song that didn’t make it to the final cut of the band’s self-titled debut album.

The song, “Black Cat”, appears on the deluxe version of “Temple Of The Dog”, which is being reissued for its 25th anniversary on September 30 via UMe. The collection, newly mixed by Brendan O’Brien, will be available in four configurations, including a four disc Super Deluxe, a double LP, a two CD Deluxe, and a single CD.

Physical pre-orders are available along with a detailed list of the contents of each configuration here.

As mentioned previously, Temple Of The Dog, which features Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell in the front spot for the members of Pearl Jam, have reunited and will tour for the first time ever since forming in 1990. The band will play five cities, Philadelphia, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Seattle, in November.

Temple Of The Dog formed out of the death of Mother Love Bone frontman Andrew Wood, who passed away due to a drug overdose. Wood happen to also be the good friend and room mate of Cornell; Cornell would go on to write the songs “Say Hello 2 Heaven” and “Reach Down” to assist in his grief.

Corenll said: “The songs didn’t have any destination. I was compelled to write them and there they were – written in a vacuum as a tribute to Andy. My thought was that maybe I could record these songs with the remaining members of Mother Love Bone and that maybe we could release them as a tribute.”

Mother Love Bone guitarist Stone Gossard and bassist Jeff Ament soon began playing with guitarist Mike McCready, as well as Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron, to begin work on some demos. Because this was a collaboration, and a tribute, there was no commercial expectation for the project. It would be, Gossard would later observe, “the easiest and most beautiful record that we’ve ever been involved with.” Adds Cornell: “Temple was about making an album simply for the joy of doing it. We weren’t concerned what anyone outside of our group of friends would think of it. It was the first and maybe only stress-free album that we all made.”

Gossard, Ament and McCready were also simultaneously forming a new band, who would go on to be known as Pearl Jam. This band would feature a singer from San Diego, by the name of Eddie Vedder who would also appear on the album, doing background and co-lead vocals on the song “Hunger Strike.”

Temple Of The Dog performed live only a handful of times, most notably in Seattle, in November and December of 1990. Those shows have become some of the most legendary Seattle concerts of all-time. Their 2016 shows mark the first time the band has ever toured.

“This is something no one has ever seen,” Cornell says of the official reunion. “We wanted to stop and recognize that we did this and pay homage.”

Click below to hear the song “Black Cat”…