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ACE FREHLEY Comments On ASTROWORLD ‘Satanic Ritual’ Conspiracy; Offers Condolences To Victims

Ace Frehley shows support to the "satanic ritual" conspiracy at the recent Astroworld tragedy.

Former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley recently posted a message of condolences to the families of those who lost loved ones at the Astroworld festival tragedy and also touched on the current conspiracy that the tragic event was all part of a “satanic ritual”.

Rapper Travis Scott’s November 5 set at his Astroworld event left ten people dead and several more seriously injured. Numerous lawsuits have been filed while so many questions remain about what exactly occurred.

Ace shared a photo to his Facebook page on Friday (November 12) of his right foot covered in a red sock which had the words “Not Today Satan” written on them, including the following note: “On tour w/ [my daughter] Monique & [my girlfriend] Lara…In regard to what happened in Houston TX…Our prayers go out to all the families who lost loved ones at the concert!…Seems like it was a ‘Satanic Ritual’ gone very wrong! They’ll Be Hell To Pay!!! For everyone who let those kids die! All people of every faith & religion should band together to stop this from ever happening again in America ??…God Bless!!!”

The satanic ritual conspiracy theory of what happened at Astroworld has been spreading online with numerous TikTok videos including the hashtag #SaveTheChildren in support of a QAnon conspiracy theory that falsely alleges celebrities and politicians are running a child sex trafficking ring that harvests children’s blood in satanic rituals. Other online conspiracy videos claim that the Astroworld stage, which looked like an upside down cross, opened a “portal to hell.”