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ARCH ENEMY Singer ALISSA WHITE-GLUZ Is Continuing Work On Her Solo Album

Arch Enemy singer Alissa White-Gluz talks about continuing work on her long-awaited solo album.

ARCH ENEMY vocalist Alissa White-Gluz recently spoke about how she moved to southern Germany temporarily during the pandemic so that she could work on the band’s upcoming “Deceivers” album.

“I ended up staying in Europe for an entire year,” she said in a new talk with Metal Hammer. “I didn’t want to risk being far away from our hub, which is basically in Sweden and Germany, and not being able to get back to it. I rented a car and found a little home for myself in southern Germany; I stayed there for a whole year. I set up a studio down there and continued working on a lot of solo material.”

When asked if this means her debut solo album will be arriving in the not-too-distant future, Alissa said: “Yeah, I’m working on that, but it’s gonna come out way after ‘Deceivers’. The ARCH ENEMY album is the one people should be looking forward to right now.”

Word of Alissa’s solo project were first revealed back in 2017, with the singer noting that it was at the suggestion of former ARCH ENEMY frontwoman Angela Gossow, who now acts as the group’s manager.

“[Angela] was, like, ‘Well, you need something. You need something that you can do, because I know you’re a workaholic and you’re not gonna be able to just sit there like this waiting for the next ARCH ENEMY tour,'” Alissa told France’s Duke TV. “And she’s totally right — I needed something else to be able to work on. And also, I have a lot of ideas that maybe don’t sound like ARCH ENEMY and it would be kind of silly to just force them into ARCH ENEMY.”

ARCH ENEMY’s new album, “Deceivers”, arrives on July 29 via Century Media.