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Artist Creates Twisted Images For Every Track On METALLICA’s ‘Master Of Puppets’ Album

Columbian artist Felipe Mora has created paintings for every song on METALLICA’s “Master OF Puppets” album.

Mora is one of the ‘Third World Posse‘, which is an art collective that brings together some extremely talented, yet under-represented, artists emerging from developing nations. In an effort to raise money for charity, Mora has created a series of twistedly vivid prints based on the METALLICA album’s eight songs.

Felipe previously created his own artwork for every song on the first two METALLICA albums, “Kill ’Em All” and “Ride The Lightning“, as part of a charity art project titled ‘Dealing Out The Agony‘, named after a lyric from the “Master Of Puppets” track “Damage Inc.

The new “Master Of Puppets” series includes unsettling images of everything from demonic surgeons for “Welcome Home (Sanitarium)” to disease ridden preachers for “Leper Messiah“, some of which can be seen below.

The prints will be packaged in a 12” sleeve designed to look like an album. The first 100 sales will also contain a bonus hand-numbered and signed print.

The ‘Dealing Out The Agony‘ project has raised $2600 for charities to date, including donations to those affected by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Sixty per cent of profits from the latest set of prints will be donated to the Children Hospital of San Vicente Foundation.

To learn more about the project you can visit the official fundraising page at this location.