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AUTOPSY Announce New Bassist

The band have announced Greg Wilkinson (BRANOIL) as their new bass player.

AUTOPSY have announced their new bassist after their split with Joe Trevisano, who played with the band for the past 11 years. The band have announced Greg Wilkinson (BRANOIL) as their new bass player who you may also know as the owner of Earhammer Studios.

AUTOPSY says: “Greg Wilkinson is confirmed as the madman to provide the four string thunder for Autopsy! He’s a good bud of ours and we are well aquainted with his crushing musical skills. We know you’re going to be as stoked with our choice as we are. Give him a nice big welcome, will ya?

“(Below is the part where if you don’t know about Greg, we’ll tell you about stuff he’s done as a studio engineer and musician)

“Owner / Engineer of Earhammer Studios in Oakland, CA known for producing local bands like High on Fire, Autopsy, Necrot, Mortuous, Vastum, Ulthar, Violation Wound as well as non local / international bands like Undergang, Phrenelith, Hyperdontia, Withered, etc.”

AUTOPSY’s latest studio release, the “Puncturing The Grotesque” mini-LP, arrived in November of 2017 via Peaceville Records.