behemoth, Behemoth jailed and then kicked out of Russia due to Visa problems…

Behemoth were detained by Russian authorities yesterday, after failing to have the correct visa documentation.

Being misinformed on the rule, in order to tour throughout Russia; vocalist Nergal explained that the whole situation was a honest misunderstanding,

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“We received the visas at the Russian consulate in Warsaw. When we asked how to fill out the paperwork, we were told that it was necessary to obtain a business visa. We did everything we were told. Now it turned out that it was necessary to get some kind of a ‘humanitarian’ visa, not a business one.”

The so-called humanitarian visa, is for cultural purposes, science, sports, religion, etc., and without it, the band’s “Russian Satanist” tour had to be cancelled.

The band also had to spend a night in jail, after being ordered to leave the country within a reasonable amount of time.

When asked what the prison conditions like, Nergal said: “It was a very small room and the walls were smeared with feces. At night, we asked to be taken to the toilet but our request was denied for some reason. So we had to use plastic bottles instead.”

In the end, the band was fined 2,000 rubles, which works out to about $60 American.

You can check out the band’s court experience below:

[vsw id=”VgzWZJ4ZHpU#t=119″ source=”youtube” width=”550″ height=”470″ autoplay=”no”]


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