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Blackened Horror Metal Band VEILE Drop Creepy New EP ‘The Ghost Sonata’

Check out the creepy as hell EP 'The Ghost Sonata' from Veile.

Blackened horror metal outfit VEILE have unveiled their creepy as hell new EP called ‘The Ghost Sonata’.

Made up of ghostly compositions, otherworldly symphonies, terrifying riffs and shrieks galore, VEILE’s latest release is the stuff that nightmares are made of.

You can check it out below.

Unassociated with any of the names the members have on their resumé, VEILE operates as a DIY entity on the black & horror metal spectrum. Acting as their own manager & label, the band chooses to release their first attacks on your nerves through digital channels exclusively. VEILE implores you, blackened horror metal fan, to help them expel the spring equinox by sharing this prophetic tale of darkness with anyone you’d wish to STAY HAUNTED.

For more info on VEILE, go to this location.