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The latest edition of The Loaded Radio Podcast features special guest Brandan Schieppati of hardcore/metalcore band Bleeding Through.


The latest edition of THE LOADED RADIO PODCAST features special guest Brandan Schieppati of hardcore/metalcore band BLEEDING THROUGH.

BLEEDING THROUGH recently unleashed their first new single in four years, “Rage.” BLEEDING THROUGH is now streaming an entire new EP called “Rage” which also features two additional songs on top of the previously-released title track.

BLEEDING THROUGH comments: “Holy fuck! Our EP is out! Go check out our new songs ‘Damage Done’ and ‘Piss You Away’! Streaming on everything!!” So yeah, go stream it below and mosh your house into the crust of the Earth.

“Screaming into a microphone and playing music with my friends after 20 plus years and after a pandemic seemed like an impossibility. Low and behold here we are creating music again,” says Schieppati about the title track.

“Personally the last few years has been a total mental battle. This music is my weapon against doubt and depression. The song ‘Rage‘ was created with the anger and frustration built up over the last few years. This song is us joining the fight to have music heal a struggling world. ‘Rage‘ is the sound of 20 plus years as a band and years of built up aggression. No bullshit. Straight up BLEEDING THROUGH.”

The second portion of the podcast features conversation with Loaded Radio’s Johnny Rude and Scott Penfold discussing the week that was in hard rock and heavy metal – with particular attention to the newly announced “PANTERA” tour coming up in 2023.

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