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Brilliant Marketing: ANTHRAX To Launch ‘Stop Spreading The Disease’ Hand Sanitizer

Anthrax to launch hand sanitizer in the time of Covid-19.

ANTHRAX’s ‘Stop Spreading The Disease’ hand sanitizer will be made available soon via Global Merchandising Services, which represents the worldwide merchandising rights for the band.

Taking it’s name from ANTHRAX’s sophomore release, 1985’s “Spreading The Disease”, the arrival of this sanitizer really couldn’t have come at a better time right?  I mean with all the masks and hand pumps going on out there in the world amidst the current COVID-19 pandemic.

ANTHRAX drummer Charlie Benante broke the news of the sanitizer’s upcoming availability, writing on Instagram: “Stop spreading the disease #handsanitizer coming soon @anthrax #covid_19 #stayhealthy #clean @globalmerchservices”

As you may know, ANTHRAX is named after a bacterial disease primarily found in livestock that the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention (CDC) have recognized as a potential agent of bioterrorism. Making it a killer band name if ya think about it.

Hoping to help anyone searching the Internet for medical advice about anthrax, ANTHRAX also temporarily changed the band’s web site (anthrax.com) to contain information about the spread and treatment of anthrax.

Sorry there’s just something kinda funny yet cool about that.  Hell, this whole article is one great big marketing tongue in cheek.

Shit now I want that hand sanitizer.


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Stop spreading the disease #handsanitizer coming soon @anthrax #covid_19 #stayhealthy #clean @globalmerchservices

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