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CALEB SHOMO Says The Next BEARTOOTH Album Is ‘Done’ And ‘It’s Coming Real Soon’

Beartooth mainman Caleb Shomo has given an update on the band's next studio album, saying "It's coming real soon."


BEARTOOTH mainman Caleb Shomo has given an update on the band’s next studio album, saying “It’s coming real soon.”

Caleb spoke to Rock Sound at this past weekend’s Slam Dunk Festival  and discussed the band’s upcoming release, saying: “It’s coming real soon… [The album is] done. The music video is shot. The photo shoot [is] done. The album art is finished.

“There is a whole new era, a whole new everything — a complete overhaul — new shit coming real soon,” he continued. “I’m very excited. No one is fucking ready for what we’re about to drop, I’ll tell you that — I will tell you that.”

Caleb’s latest update comes after he told radio station WSOU 89.5 FM a few months ago that “half” of BEARTOOTH‘s next LP had been completed. “I went out to L.A. — over the last month, I spent about three weeks there in total — and I’ve just been writing and working and coming up with kind of the new sound for this record,” he said back in March of this year. “And it’s just been happening really, really fast. And it’s my favorite stuff I’ve ever written. I know a lot of people say that about their new stuff that’s not out yet, but truly for me, it just couldn’t describe more about where I’m at in my life, and I think the sound reflects that.”

Check out the video from the Slam Dunk Festival below.