hellyeah dimebag darrell, Chad Gray talks about Dimebag Darrell track on the new Hellyeah album ‘Blood For Blood’…

Hellyeah vocalist Chad Gray has recently said that a song on the band’s upcoming fourth studio album is a tribute to late Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell.

The song, called ‘Black December’,  is the last song on the album, which drops June 9. Gray says the track is a tribute to the late Dimebag, whose brother Vinnie Paul is Hellyeah’s drummer.

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The singer tells Metal Sickness: “I didn’t really know Dime, but he inspired me and his band inspired me. A lot of people I have a brotherhood with were really close to him.

“I’ve heard just about every story you can hear about him. He lived in the moment and that how I strive to be. He very much lived for right now and it was awesome, he loved to put smiles on people’s faces.”

Dimebag Darrell was shot and killed while performing onstage with his band Damageplan in Columbus, Ohio, back in December 2004.

Gray also said that the new album “feels right”, alot of which is due to producer Kevin Churko.

“We’re stoked about the record and getting back to where we once were as far as who we are. Hellyeah started as a band that wanted to play songs that we couldn’t play in our other respective bands. And it’s turned into this, so it’s fuckin’ cool. I love every single record we’ve done but this feels fuckin’ right.

“The last record felt really close to being right, but bringing in Kevin Churko was awesome. Everybody checked their egos at the door and had a tremendous amount of respect for each other. We listened, all the criticism that was delivered was delivered constructively and with respect.”