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Philip Anselmo, Gary Holt and a number of other metal artists have recorded a blazing new cover of Motorhead's classic "Ace Of Spades".


There’s no denying that MOTÖRHEAD‘s “Ace of Spades” is one of rock’s most revered tracks, which has been covered by numerous bands from multiple genres in the past.

Well here’s another.

From the upcoming MOTÖRHEAD tribute album, “Löve Me Förever: A Tribute to Motörhead“, a number of notable metal musicians and Psycho Las Vegas alumni have come together for the sole purpose of recording their own version of the blistering track in all it’s glory.

Phil Anselmo (PANTERA), Gary Holt (SLAYER, EXODUS), Nick Oliveri (KYUSS), Dwid Hellion (INTEGRITY), Chuck Garric (Alice Cooper), Sacha Dunable (INTONAUT), Kelley Juett (MOTHERSHIP), Tom Polzine and Zach Wheeler (HOWLING GIANT) have unleashed a new cover of the MOTÖRHEAD classic which the late Lemmy Kilmister would certainly be proud of. You can check it out below.

“It felt great. It felt natural [to cover ‘Ace of Spades’],” said Anselmo. “I think I did pretty good. The first thing that attracted me to Motörhead was Lemmy Kilmister and the sound of his voice. And then it was solidified in 1986 when I went to a (Motörhead) show outside of New Orleans, Louisiana, and it was Agnostic Front and Motörhead. It was a wall of crushing sound and they were just incredible. Lemmy is forever and I love him.”

“I’ve played with him [Lemmy] many times here and there sporadically,” said Holt. “I’m convinced and have been for decades that there is more than one Lemmy. Or at least there was. Back in the days when we would squander more money during tours in Europe, Lemmy insisted that we had to spend a week in London first to acclimate to the time change. Which basically meant we were partying like animals for five to seven days. This is when Lemmy still lived in England/London. And we’d (Lemmy and members of the bands on tour, etc) would go out to a bar, and hang out together.

“Then we’d head to another bar, and Lemmy would say ‘Okay! See you later!’ We’d get to the next place and Lemmy is already sitting at the bar. Like he’s been there for an hour. Then we went to another place, and he was there again ahead of us and we left him at the last place sitting at the bar. And ever since then we’re convinced that there are at least three different Lemmy’s. Because he couldn’t possibly have done it. But, you know, Lemmy is God so…”

Pre-orders for “Löve Me Förever: A Tribute to Motörhead” are available at this location.