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Check Out POPPY’s Very “90’s” Sounding Track And Video For The Song ‘Her’

Poppy drops a pretty crazy new video.

POPPY has dropped her latest release, called ‘Her’, which has a very “90’s alternative” type feel to it. Think ELASTICA meets NIRVANA, but with POPPY’s signature screams featured in a few select parts.

You can check out the video below as well, which in typical POPPY fashion is kinda weird and bizarre yet intriguing at the same time.  If that make sense.

The sound of “Her” follows suit with that of her other recent releases, such as her EP ‘Eat’ and her cover of Jack Off Jill’s ‘Fear of Dying.’ Whereas her debut record, ‘I Disagree’, was more of an electro-pop/metal feel, it seems her latest material is shooting more for a hard alternative rock vibe.  Which totally works.  After all, POPPY considers herself  “post-genre”, which means we could maybe get a thrash or technical death metal album next.  Hey, ya never know!

“I don’t think genre really exists much anymore, and I think a lot of music that’s on the alternative charts isn’t, to me at least, truly alternative. I think it’s just pop, and it’s another name for pop music,” she previously told Loudwire. “I think we should create another genre — maybe nu-alternative.”