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Check Out This A.I. That Generates Fake Metal Band Names, Album Titles And Cover Art

The Twitter account for 'This Band Isn't Real' is worth checking out simply on it's coolness factor alone.

Struggling with coming up with the perfect, brutal name for your band? Wanna just follow a really cool, metal themed, artificial intelligence on Twitter that creates brutal metal band names, album titles and cover art? Because that’s exactly what you’ll find with the AI Twitter account ‘This Band Isn’t Real’.

According to the ‘This Band Isn’t Real’ bio, the names of bands and albums are auto-generated by an artificial intelligence, with fake album art generated by big-sleep.

The final product looks just like any brutal metal album you may see dawning the shelves of your local vinyl dealer. Nightmarish album art alongside such band names as ‘Massive Blood Sacrifice’, ‘Coffinlord’ and ‘Serpents Of The Black Flame’ fill this Twitter profile and make for some pretty inspiring band monikers if you and your pals are currently in the market.

Check out some brutal examples below.