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Check Out This Halloween Lighting Display Set to AVENGED SEVENFOLD’s “Nightmare”

YouTuber Charlie Ray has decked his whole house out for Halloween with Avenged Sevenfold's 'Nightmare'. And it's pretty awesome.

YouTuber Charlie Ray has uploaded a video displaying his home which is now officially all set for Halloween with a lighting display set to the AVENGED SEVENFOLD song ‘Nightmare’.

How appropriate.

Charlie put some serious time into his lighting display which turned out pretty amazing to say the least. The syncing alone must have been a “Nightmare” (Sorry.  It’s been a long day). Not only did Ray time all the lights to go along with the melodies and percussion, but also the trees and the jack o’ lantern near the door are singing all the lyrics as they’re playing.

Which is all pretty damn impressive.

Now we can’t help but wonder what Charlie has up his sleeve for the upcoming Christmas holidays. May we suggest CANNIBAL CORPSE?  Because nothin’ says the holidays like CANNIBAL CORPSE.