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Comedian Hilariously Warns MGK Not To Mess With SLIPKNOT Fans

The hilarious video, titled "MGK Doesn't Want Problems With Slipknot or That Genre... Trust Me," can be seen just below this article.

Comedian Josh Pray has uploaded a video warning Machine Gun Kelly not to mess with SLIPKNOT or it’s fans.

The hilarious video, titled “MGK Doesn’t Want Problems With Slipknot or That Genre… Trust Me,” can be seen just below this article.

“I just wanna tell you and your fans — and fans, don’t encourage him to come back for Slipknot. Don’t do it,” Pray says. “I did one video — one heavy metal video — and heavy metal fans made me touch every single group in heavy metal history. You do not, do not, do not, ‘Psychosocial,’ do not, take back what you said Machine. Just stop it, swallow your pride… Do not disrespect Slipknot.”

“If you could take the Earth and weigh it, it still wouldn’t be as heavy as Slipknot. Slipknot don’t have fans, they have a brotherhood,” he continued.

“Eminem let you continue. Eminem could’ve buried you, homie,” Pray said. “And now you wanna mess with this family? You crazy?”

This whole thing started when MGK mouthed off SLIPKNOT during his performance at Riot Fest earlier this month. He then added fuel to the fire by going after SLIPKNOT frontman Corey Taylor on social media the following day, saying that Corey recorded a verse for his 2020 album ‘Tickets to My Downfall’, which MGK didn’t use, and called the singer “bitter” over it.

Taylor fired back at Kelly on Twitter, providing screenshots of an email exchange regarding what actually happened, with Corey choosing not to participate in the project.

MGK was booed during his performance at the Louder Than Life festival this past weekend, which simply shows that you don’t f*ck with metalheads and their bands.