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COREY TAYLOR Once Again Confirms New SLIPKNOT Album Arriving This Year

In a new Twitter post, Corey Taylor included a new Slipknot album on a list of planned activities for 2022.

SLIPKNOT frontman Corey Taylor has said once again that the band will be releasing their new studio album in 2022.

In a new Twitter post, Corey included a new SLIPKNOT album on a list of planned activities for 2022.

The post reads: “Big Shit Coming, 2022 edition: ZvN updates, SK album, secret ‘homecoming’ plans, etc. Stay Tuned! ‘Hold On To Your Butts’- Franklin D. Roosevelt”

ZvN meaning “Zombie Versus Ninja”, the “gonzo horror comedy” Taylor has been working on. As for the “secret homecoming plans”, we’ll have to wait to find out what those mean.

In December, Corey said he was working on putting the finishing touches on some of his vocals for the new SLIPKNOT album, saying, “I’m redoing one [song] that I wasn’t happy with.” After that, he said the plan is to “go back through and do punch-up[s] on anything that I’m just not feeling,” referring to the process of selectively re-recording isolated parts of songs.

The album’s first single, “The Chapeltown Rag,” arrived in October.