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COREY TAYLOR Releasing A Collection Of Covers And Acoustic Tracks; First Single Arrives This Week

Corey Taylor is releasing 'CMFT 2' before the end of the month.


SLIPKNOT and STONE SOUR singer Corey Taylor says that he will be releasing a solo album of covers and acoustic recordings at the end of this month.

Speaking to SiriusXM’s “Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk” this past Wednesday (February 2), Corey said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “CMFT is putting out a B-sides album which has all the covers that we’ve done and some acoustic versions of some of the songs that are on ‘CMFT’. The first single will actually be February 11th, and people will be able to download that. It’s our cover of ‘On The Dark Side’ by JOHN CAFFERY & THE BEAVER BROWN BAND, which is one of the best rock tunes ever. It’s one of our favorites to play live… The ‘CMFT’ B-sides will come out February 25th. It’ll be available everywhere. We’re really stoked on that too.”

When asked if there are plans for him to do more solo shows in the coming months, Corey said: “We’re doing little stuff here and there. We just did ShipRocked, which was a lot of fun… It’s looking like we’re gonna do a handful of shows in the U.K. in October, kind of threaded around the SLIPKNOT schedule. So we’re just gonna do it here and there while we kind of gear up [for the next album].

“‘CMFT 2’ is written, it’s demoed, it’s ready to go,” he added. “Plus we’re constantly writing new stuff. So we’re gonna be in a great position, next year probably, to go in and record ‘CMFT 2’ and just be ready to kind of do that. But that’s obviously after SLIPKNOT has kind of done its thing.”

“CMFT” was recorded at The Hideout Recording Studio in Las Vegas with producer Jay Ruston and Christian Martucci (guitar), Zach Throne (guitar), Jason Christopher (bass), and Dustin Schoenhofer (drums) before arriving in October 2020.