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COREY TAYLOR Reveals That SLIPKNOT Will Release New Music “In The Next Month Or So”

According to Corey Taylor, we may be getting some new Slipknot sooner than later.

SLIPKNOT singer Corey Taylor has said that the band is just about finished their new album and only need to track a few more songs. He also added that they will release a new single “in the next month or so” just prior to announcing the record.

“Actually, it’s pretty much done. I’d say it’s probably about eighty percent done” Corey tells the Eddie Trunk Podcast. “We’re finishing up some music, [and] I’ve got a couple more songs to sing. However, I will say this – don’t be surprised if in the next month or so you hear something new.”

When asked what the single will sound like, Taylor replied: “it’s more of a ‘let’s bludgeon everybody and remind them why we’re still Slipknot’ kind of vibe.” Corey also said the new track will make people remember “why they love SLIPKNOT.”

Corey previously said of the forthcoming SLIPKNOT album, saying the new stuff has “made me start thinking outside my own box and challenging myself.”

The upcoming record will be SLIPKNOT’s final release via Roadrunner, with the band shooting to have it out by the end of the year.

SLIPKNOT are currently out on the road with KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, FEVER 333 and CODE ORANGE.