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Couple Engage In Oral Sex In The Middle Of The Crowd During AUTOPSY’s 2022 ‘Maryland Deathfest’ Set

A couple attending Maryland Deathfest in Baltimore, MD engaged in openly public oral sex during the band Autopsy's blistering set.


It’s really not all that far fetched in the belief that music is an aphrodisiac, and it seems that brutal death metal is no exception.

The annual ‘Maryland Deathfest‘ festival is currently underway in Baltimore, MD, and with this weekend’s edition of the much-loved event potentially being its last, a number of rather odd occurrences have “gone down”. (editor’s note – sorry, but how often do you get the chance to use “gone down” as a pun in such a way?)

Let’s take this one example which can be witnessed at this location courtesy of Twitter user @demonstyle420, in which an unidentified woman can be seen crouching over another male (possibly her boyfriend? But then again who knows? This is a music festival after all) and receiving oral sex from him while onlookers film the incident on their phones and cheer the couple on.

And the best part? It all happened during the crushing sounds of Californian death metal band AUTOPSY’s May 28 set at the festival.

We can understand that sometimes the mood may strike while attending such a music festival, but that’s kind of what the porta pottys are for?  Romantic? Not really.  But in the middle of a massive crowd of headbangers listening to AUTOPSY?  I guess the couple just weren’t feeling the 17 mile hike back to their car.

Nonetheless enjoy the footage if you so care to watch and have yourself a lovely Sunday kids.