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DANIEL ‘DL’ LASCKIEWICZ On Joining BAD WOLVES Amidst Legal Battles: “I Just Try To Block The Noise Out”

Bad Wolves frontman Daniel "DL" Lasckiewicz discusses stepping in to the band's frontman position after it was vacated by previous singer Tommy Vext.

BAD WOLVES frontman Daniel “DL” Lasckiewicz recently spoke with The Loaded Radio Podcast and discussed stepping in to the band’s frontman position after it was vacated by previous singer Tommy Vext in January of this year.

Vext is currently suing Better Noise Music‘s Allen Kovac and BAD WOLVES‘ John Boecklin and co. for breach of fiduciary duty, unjust enrichment and more. When the vocalist first left the band early in 2021, all had seemed cordial until a war of accusations ensued via social media soon thereafter between Vext and BAD WOLVES.

In response, Better Noise Music and related parties have hit back at Vext with a countersuit, alleging that he infringed upon the label’s copyrights by posting unreleased videos and music without expressed permission.

When asked if he felt overwhelmed entering the band at what could seem like a volatile time, Lasckiewicz said: “Not really. To be honest with you I just kinda try…I just kinda try to block the noise out. I don’t go digging. I don’t spend a lot of time on the internet, I just try and keep myself busy.”

David continued: “As I mentioned, even though there’s battles and stuff, I still play the producer role. I’m wearing both hats. Even currently working until we play live and stuff, I’m still working on records with other acts and stuff. So ya I just kinda stay away from that stuff and it generally tends to be a lot healthier mentally that way. So coming in I just really wanted to focus on being the best singer I could and really just paying attention to the chemistry between the guys and I.

David also went on to discuss the initial practice sessions between him and BAD WOLVES, saying: “You know, the first time we rehearsed together, the band was trying me out but I was also trying the band out as well. It was important for all of us to feel comfortable around each other and just kinda reconnect that way. And it did, ya know, the first rehearsal kind of felt like a family reunion and then we practiced, we kinda put a set together and it felt great, but even afterwards we sat down, had some drinks. ate dinner and just caught up that way. So yeah, I think that was a big part too, when ya live together on a bus or you’re travelling together for weeks, months at a time, there has to be a connection in terms of that.”

You can listen to the full interview below.

BAD WOLVES will release their third studio album, “Dear Monsters”, on October 29 via Better Noise Music.