slayer, Dave Lombardo says that his former band mates in Slayer were never actually his friends… Former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo recently said that he has realized that his former bandmates were never actually his friends.

Lombardo was axed from the band back in February after a contractual dispute between him and the rest of the band, and would subsequently be replaced by Paul Bostaph.

Now the former drummer, who’s busy with his current band Philm, tells My Global Mind: “I realize now they weren’t really my friends – they were just business partners.

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“I lived and hung out with them as if they were friends: ‘Wow, these guys are really watching out for me,’ and it didn’t quite turn out that way.”

He went on to say: “You just need to sign up and you start receiving royalties on the songs you recorded. I never knew this until about six months ago when I got a nice cheque in the mail.

“I was never aware. Nobody told me. Thank you very fucking much.”

When asked about the previously-owed payment, Lombardo simply said: “Somewhere else.”

Dave admits that it has been an emotional time since his departure from Slayer however he’s changing his attitude saying, “I’m more like, ‘Oh well, shit happens – move on.'”