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DAVE MUSTAINE Shares Killer New Riff From Forthcoming MEGADETH Album

Dave Mustaine gives us another taste of Megadeth's latest album.

Dave Mustaine has offered a brief preview of a new MEGADETH song at the end of a promotional video for his account on Cameo. YOu can hear the brutal new riff starting at the 22-second mark in the YouTube clip below this article.

Mustaine revealed that MEGADETH’s long-awaited sixteenth studio album is “almost done” in a Cameo message earlier this week. Dave added: “I’m just listening to the last little bits right now. Kiko’s [Loureiro, guitar] stuff is all done. We should be turning this in any day now. We’ve been turning in individual songs, and right now it’s down to just approving the last couple of songs. So, keep your fingers crossed and hold your breath. It won’t be long till there’s a new MEGADETH record.”

Last month, Mustaine confirmed that the new MEGADETH album will be titled “The Sick, The Dying And The Dead”.

Mustaine has yet to reveal who played bass on the new MEGADETH album after David Ellefson’s tracks were removed from the record following his firing from from the band in May.