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Legendary singer-songwriter David Crosby pisses off a ton of people over his comments on the late Eddie Van Halen.


The legendary singer-songwriter David Crosby has managed to piss off a mass of VAN HALEN fans for a tweet that appears to minimize the talents of recently deceased guitarist Eddie Van Halen.

A Twitter follower of Crosby’s asked for his opinion of Eddie, to which David replied: “Meh ….” This blunt statement was not taken well by a number of other Twitter users, including TESTAMENT guitarist Alex Skolnick, who chimed in: “I appreciate @thedavidcrosby too much for this to get in the way, but a much better answer would have been: ‘I know he meant a lot to so many but his sound & style just weren’t my thing.'” Alex then pointed out that American singer-songwriter Patti Smith, who has never appeared to be much of a VAN HALEN fan either, still managed to post a polite note following Eddie’s passing. L.A. GUNS axeman Tracii Guns concurred, firing back at Crosby: “Wrong answer as fuck and rude as fuck!!! There are better ways to say you don’t care for someone’s music. That was very disrespectful. And yes straight out fuck you and your smug answer.”

The following day, Crosby took to his Twitter to clarify his original comments. “[Jimi] Hendrix changed the world of guitar. Nobody else really,” he wrote. “[L]ook I get it ..many of you loved Van Halen ….and the one time I met [him] he was nice ….and he was talented …meh to me means I don’t care that much ….and I don’t …doesn’t mean he wasn’t good ,he was but not for me”.

Crosby has been known to be a guy who will quickly jump in the ring with fans on Twitter as well as….well….anybody else in the entire world. A great number of them being fellow musicians.

At 79, Crosby is a two-time Rock And Roll Hall Of Famer, inducted as a member of both the widely innovative folk-rock band THE BYRDS — with whom he first rose to stardom — and the Woodstock era-defining group CROSBY, STILLS & NASH.

Eddie Van Halen died on Tuesday (October 6) at St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica, California due to cancer.