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DAVID DRAIMAN Says DISTURBED’s ‘Amazing’ New Album Will Contain A ‘Surprise Track’

Disturbed frontman David Draiman has said that the band's forthcoming album will feature a "surprise track" that will "blow [fans'] minds."


DISTURBED frontman David Draiman has said that the band’s forthcoming album will feature a “surprise track” that will “blow [fans’] minds.”

Draiman took to his Twitter account yesterday (June 2) to update fans about DISTURBED‘s follow-up to 2018’s “Evolution“, posting: “Listening back to the mixes. Amazing record. Very proud. (Also, there’s a surprise track on here that’s going to blow your minds)”.

Just last month, Draiman told the audience at a DISTURBED concert in Camden, New Jersey that the band’s new record will be released “soon.” The singer added: “It’s about 90 percent heavy as fuck. Now there’s still 10 percent of caring, loving goodness [laughs] — 10 percent. Hey, for everybody that fell in love with ‘The Sound Of Silence’ [SIMON & GARFUNKEL] cover, I figured, you know… But the rest of it? ‘Sickness’-, ‘Ten Thousand Fists’-era DISTURBED, for sure. You excited about that? ‘Cause I’ll tell you we’re really fucking excited about it.”

Again, as of this point there is no official release date for the new DISTURBED album but we’re safely assuming an announcement will arrive soon.