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DEE SNIDER Replies To STRYPER’s MICHAEL SWEET On Abortion Issue: “I’m Pro-Choice”

Twisted Sister's Dee Snider has a much different opinion on abortion than Stryper's Michael Sweet.

TWISTED SISTER frontman Dee Snider has tweeted that he is “pro-choice” and believes that we should let women make their own decisions regarding their own bodies.

Snider tweeted his opinion in response to STRYPER frontman Michael Sweet, who slammed a group of women who were videotaped swallowing abortion pills near the U.S. Supreme Court Building in protest of a court challenge attempting to reverse ‘Roe vs. Wade’.

On Thursday (December 2), the STRYPER singer shared a video of protesters in front of the United States Supreme court where arguments are being heard over a case involving a Mississippi law that bans abortions after 15 weeks. Michael wrote the accompanying message: “When women are shamelessly and proudly taking ‘abortion pills’ on video with smiles on their faces, isn’t that a whole new level of evil? How and why is this acceptable in our world? Are we really this far gone? Celebrating the death of the unborn!!”

Snider took to his Twitter soon after to address Sweet’s comments, writing: “Actually Michael, it’s not. From my Christian teachings I got ‘first breath, last breath’. I’m Pro-choice & stand for women’s rights. What bothers me about this convo is while pro choicers say, ‘It’s up to you.’ Anti-choicers say, ‘We’ll decide for you.’ #oopsIdiditagain #andgo”.

The conservative-leaning Supreme Court heard oral arguments on Wednesday as the justices consider Mississippi’s request to overturn Roe v. Wade — the court’s 1973 decision that legalized abortion in the United States — and uphold a state law that bars the procedure 15 weeks after conception.