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DEFTONES Bassist SERGIO VEGA Is Selling His Used Music Gear

You can now own a piece of used gear from Deftones bassist Sergio Vega.


You can now check out the official Sergio Vega Reverb shop where the DEFTONES bassist is selling a ton of used music gear from throughout his career.

Some of the available gear includes:

* A Fractal Axe FX-II and Axe FX-II XL+ dual setup, complete with labeled Fractal Foot Controllers, that Vega used for live shows and recording. “They still contain all of my presets and patches throughout the years,” said Vega — including ones used for the songs “Diamond Eyes”, “Poltergeist” and “Tempest”.

* A suite of Fender Jaguar basses from Vega’s collection. Said Vega: “These are the basses I’ve recorded everything from ‘Diamond Eyes’ to ‘Ohm’, to ‘Interiors’ with QUICKSAND as well.”

* A collection of Fender Squier Bass VIs. “These are things that I have loved and have been meticulously maintained over the years,” Vega explained.

* Tour posters, a wardrobe case, and other road-worn memorabilia.

The DEFTONES bassist comments: “The only reason I’m getting rid of [this gear] is because I find myself not using them as much, and also as you acquire more gear, you want to make space for that gear.”