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DISTURBED Have Completed Recording A New Studio Album; Tracklisting Revealed

It appears that Disturbed have just completed recording their new studio album.


It appears that DISTURBED have just completed recording their much anticipated new studio album.

Earlier today, DISTRURBED frontman David Draiman posted a photo to his Instagram account of a whiteboard outlining the band’s progress with the record. On the board, 10 songs are listed, featuring titles like “Hey You”, “Love To Hate” and “Part Of Me”.

You can also notice guitar tuning for each track, with most of them using “Standard C#”, “Drop C#” or “Drop C” tuning. One track was also recorded in “Drop A#” tuning, while another is in “Drop B”.

Draiman included the caption: “And that’s a wrap people. #HolyShitIsThisGood #epic @disturbed”.

The 10 song tracklisting:

* Hey You
* Divisive
* Love To Hate
* Part Of Me
* Won’t Back Down
* Unstoppable
* Take Back Your Life
* Feeding The Fire
* Bad Man
* Don’t Tell Me


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