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DISTURBED Singer DAVID DRAIMAN Lights A Candle At The Western Wall In Jerusalem

The Disturbed singer recently said that he wanted to make a statement by coming to Israel after the Hamas gunman attack in the Old City.

DISTURBED vocalist David Draiman lit a candle at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, Israel today (Tuesday, November 30) at the location of the terror attack that killed South African immigrant Eli Kay.

Draiman posted photos of his appearance to his Instagram account, including the message: “A truly wonderful experience. Thanks so much to everyone who came out!”

The DISTURBED singer recently told The Jerusalem Post that he wanted to make a statement by coming to Israel after seeing the coverage of the Hamas gunman attack on random people in the Old City.

“The coverage was reprehensible in the vast majority of American and European media,” Draiman said. “It’s scandalous how they presented it. Headlines like ‘Palestinian shot dead.’ Well, why was the Palestinian shot dead? Because he was perpetrating a terrorist attack. I love how the context is always flipped around.”

David has visited the country before, however DISTURBED’s July 2019 show in Tel Aviv was the band’s first performance there. Draiman commonly addressed the crowd in Hebrew during the show at Live Park Rishon LeZion and also sang the Israeli national anthem during the performance.

You can check out David’s Instagram posts below.

Photo credit – Alon Levin


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