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DOC COYLE Confirms The Return Of GOD FORBID: “Something Is In The Works”

We recently caught up with Bad Wolves guitarist Doc Coyle and asked him about the status of his former band, God Forbid.

We recently caught up with BAD WOLVES guitarist Doc Coyle and asked him about the status of his former band, GOD FORBID.

GOD FORBID formed in 1996 in East Brunswick, New Jersey and after releasing six full-length studio albums, called it quits back in 2013.

With a recent renewed interest in the band, we asked if there was anything planned in the way of a reunion of the members of GOD FORBID, whether it be recording, touring or anything at all for that matter.

Doc said: “The four of us have been talking. It’s interesting…it’s kinda like, there wasn’t really any buzz on GOD FORBID for awhile, you know, I’ve had all the members on my podcast, and I would reconnect with the guys. Byron for example has moved to El Paso and BAD WOLVES will come to town and Byron will come out and hang out and reconnect.  So, for us the status was just making sure the relationships were solid. With GOD FORBID it’s more of a family. Our connection goes beyond just the music we made. And that was really important to me, just making sure that everyone connected on that level.  And then somewhere in that, there just seemed to be a lot of interest online with the band in the comments section and all of a sudden some offers started coming in and things like that.”

He continued: “So I can say, that things are in the works and some things are happening, it’s just a matter of when we can find something that fits for the band but some things are happening and it’s very cool. And whenever it does happen I think it’s gonna be really fun because that was our first love, so to speak, and it’s something that’s very entrenched in my DNA as a musician, as a guitar player, as a writer and it’s cool that you have something…it’s been like nine years since we played a show and the fact that there’s renewed interest or that people still have a connection to that material, it’s like pretty damn cool.

“Dear Monsters” is the third studio album by BAD WOLVES which arrived on October 29, 2021 through Better Noise Music and was produced by Josh Gilbert.