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DREAM THEATER To Release ‘Images And Words – Live In Japan, 2017’; Watch ‘Pull Me Under’

Dream Theater kick off the "Lost Not Forgotten Archives".

DREAM THEATER, the two-time Grammy-nominated legends of progressive music, recently announced the “Lost Not Forgotten Archives”. This fresh collaboration between the band and record label InsideOut Music will see the virtuosic quintet’s long-standing Ytsejam Records catalog reissued, alongside some brand new additions to this special collectors series. (Ytsejam is the label imprint which DREAM THEATER had been using for years to release official bootlegs of live recordings [“Ytsejam” is “Majesty” spelled backwards; MAJESTY was DREAM THEATER’s original band name].)

Ytsejam Records previously played host to DREAM THEATER’s official bootleg release collection comprising of live shows, demos and studio outtakes from throughout the band’s prolific career. As part of the “Lost Not Forgotten Archives”, the entirety of the collection will be reissued on CD, as well as for the very first time on vinyl and digital, with brand new artwork and packaging. The band has also been busy digging into its encyclopedic vault to find some very special, previously unreleased material.

The first release in the “Lost Not Forgotten Archives” series, “Images And Words – Live In Japan, 2017”, is available for pre-order today, May 14, and releasing June 25. This initial entry into DREAM THEATER’s reimagined collectors series is a live recording of the band’s 2017 performance featuring the classic album “Images And Words” performed in full at Japan’s legendary Budokan arena. Released on CD as well as vinyl and digital for the first time, fans can purchase and stream through their favorite music service. The exclusive autographed, ultra-clear vinyl version is limited to just 250 copies, and available only through DreamTheater.net.

Following this inaugural “Lost Not Forgotten Archives” release, the extensive back catalogue of Ytsejam Records offerings will start to be reissued throughout the next several years. Plenty more previously unreleased material will get its initial publication, presenting an absolute treasure trove of DREAM THEATER music for fans both old and new to explore.

Watch ‘Pull Me Under’ from ‘Live In Japan, 2017’ below.