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ENSLAVED Release Trailer For Upcoming “Otherworldly” Streaming Event

Enslaved's "The Otherworldly Big Band Experience" takes place on Tuesday December 21 at 21.00 CET/20.00 GMT.

ENSLAVED have released the trailer for their upcoming new streaming event called, “The Otherworldly Big Band Experience”, which will take place on Tuesday December 21st. SHAMAN ELEPHANT will be joining ENSLAVED for the stream in the support role. Check out the trailer below.

“The Otherworldly Big Band Experience is about wanting to show even more of what Enslaved is: Enslaved is also an idea,” explains bassist Ivar Bjørnson. “It is a live band that is teeth-grittingly metal, has rock’n’roll in its DNA, while maintaining and expanding on its position as a groundbreaking progressive metal act. All while exploring the boundaries of Norse Mythology and Rune-lore, Psychology and History.

“We have recruited both an extension to the line-up with the young and talented Bergen prog rock band, Shaman Elephant. We have worked together with some of the most talented moviemakers and visual wizards around – also young and from Bergen: Kolibri Media. Add the Enslaved live crew to the mix and you have got magick, no less.

“We have aspired to create a concert film that reflects this expanded representation of Enslaved and cannot wait to show you all. It is bigger than any project we have done before, and it is unlike anything else you have seen in this kind of music. You will see and hear songs that have never been performed before. Songs you might have heard will sound and look like you haven’t seen and heard before. There is new material, and material as old as the band. One constant binds it all together: it is Enslaved.”

“The Otherworldly Big Band Experience” takes place on Tuesday December 21 at 21.00 CET/20.00 GMT.

You can purchase tickets at this location.

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