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Ex-DEICIDE Guitarist ERIC HOFFMAN To GLEN BENTON: “I Will Hunt You Down Like The Animal You Are”

Deicide's Glen Benton is still taking heat from former guitarist Eric Hoffman.

Former DEICIDE guitarist Eric Hoffman has slammed band frontman Glen Benton in a new since-deleted Facebook post.

Hoffman said: “I respect my fans, I love my fans, most people can’t say that without them I’m nothing without them. After what happened when Glen Benton fucking took scars royalties for 20 years and all Deicide merchandise I will find you and hunt you down like the animal you are.I have no label and did my last album for the fans out of my own savings and will do it again with without label. I now pronounce curse on his hair piece Glen Michael Benton you will be history soon and Steve will hire new singer.Also remember this I am Deicide you are a disgusting individual that doesn’t care about anyone but himself Glen your Amon, not now, you’re not good enough. I drew the logo came up with the name. Unbelievable I am Amon suck it Glen we will meet again.”

Back in 2019, Benton commented on a tirade that Hoffman was making toward the singer back then with the following statement: “Every time we do a record, I guess [Eric] loses his mind over there and he can’t handle hearing us proceeding without them. It’s been what — 14, 15 years since those two departed, and they did one shitty album and tried ripping off the fans, charged them for videos and bullshit like that. And then from there, they’ve done two shitty shows here in the state of Florida, and from what I was told, they almost canceled those. So their track record speaks for itself. Our track record speaks for itself. When you don’t have the original singer, then you are the official cover band. You wanna make yourself look even more stupid than you already do, by all means, go ahead.”

You can check out a screen shot of the since deleted social media post below.