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Outlanders, the new project featuring former Nightwish singer Tarja Turunen and electronic music producer Torsten Stenzel, are now streaming their cover of Depeche Mode's 1990 song "World In My Eyes."

OUTLANDERS, the new project featuring former NIGHTWISH singer Tarja Turunen and electronic music producer Torsten Stenzel, are now streaming their cover of DEPECHE MODE’s 1990 song “World In My Eyes.”

The track features LIVING COLOUR guitarist Vernon Reid and can be heard below.

Tarja recently sat down with Brazil’s Wikimetal and discussed what she did to keep herself busy amidst the global pandemic.

She said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “It was a shock for me in the beginning. When all this happened, it was very hard to understand where you were at. And I didn’t even touch my grand piano that is just here next to me; I’m in my working room now. And there were months and months, I just walked past the instrument; I didn’t even touch it. It was a hard hit — really hard to understand that I’m not able to work any longer; my work is not permitted; I cannot [work]. So when that wheel stopped, it was my first time ever to be without performing — in 25 years or so. I’ve been a performer all my life, and so that all was gone. So it is very hard to come out of that bubble and start being productive and inspired. But I did that.’

She continued: “I fought against the universe in the beginning, and then I said, ‘Do not, because you cannot. You’re just one individual. You are who you are. Find the happiness inside of you, and find the happiness around you, what you have at the moment.’ I have my beautiful family, my beautiful daughter that I haven’t been able to be the mother that she really has needed in many times when I’m on the road. I am here now. Use that time. So it was really, really important to realize that, hey, I can be happy and I can get inspired. Not necessarily the pandemic itself made me inspired, but then I saw the light that there are good things in life. And I started taking care of myself. And I’ve been super productive — written a lot of new songs. You have to keep on going.”

Last year, Turunen released her first book, “Singing In My Blood”, via Rocket 88. Written and compiled over the first year of lockdown, Tarja searched through scores of photos and memories to create a big, deluxe book about her life in music. There are contributions from friends and colleagues who’ve played a part in her music on stage, in the studio and at home, alongside lots of previously unseen intimate photos from childhood to the present day.