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EXODUS/SLAYER Guitarist GARY HOLT Has Quit Drinking Booze

Gary Holt announces he's on the wagon.


EXODUS guitarist Gary Holt has declared that he has quit drinking alcohol.

The 57-year-old EXODUS guitarist announced his newfound sobriety in a social media post earlier today, writing: “Day one for me, here I go. This last year has been one in which I’ve come to realize the drinking needs to go. Been a long party for me but it doesn’t feel like a party anymore. I’m not perfect and the booze has crept up on me. Here’s to feeling clear and lucid from here on out”.

Holt’s decision to give up drinking alcohol comes seven months after his wife Lisa revealed that she had quit drinking back in 2012. She made it a point to thank Gary and credited him for making her “want to be a better person. I definitely wouldn’t have him or anything kick-ass in my life today if I hadn’t made this choice [to quit drinking] 8 years ago,” she wrote.

Holt began filling in for SLAYER guitarist Jeff Hanneman for live performances in 2011, and then officially joined the band in 2013, replacing the late Jeff Hanneman.


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