eyehategod, Eyehategod release details on their new, self titled studio album… The brand new, self-titled Eyehategod album is set to drop on May 27th through Housecore Records.

The band have also teamed up with Century Media who will be distributing the album in Europe, Australia and New Zealand on May 26th and Daymare will be releasing the album in Japan on May 21st.

According to vocalist Mike IX Williams, “I have to say I don’t believe we’ve lost nary a step in the creation of this album and we think these newer songs are a killer combination of classic Eyehategod mixed along with our best production, mixing, engineering and songwriting in thirteen years.

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“The main and total tragic break in the chain, was obviously last year’s death of our great friend and drummer, Joey LaCaze. However, his original drum tracks made it onto the final master recordings and we’re f***ing psyched about that… As for working with Housecore, it was a no-brainer. We’ve always been a family, and will always remain a family.”

The founder of Housecore is none other than Philip H. Anselmo who says, “Being a part of the new EHG record is a dream come true. I’ve known, supported and loved the guys for almost as long as I’ve been playing music myself, and it is our pleasure here at The Housecore Records Compound to have ’em aboard. And I gotta mention, having heard the new record, this is the Eyehategod record every true fan has been waiting for…. Hail!”