fear factory, Fear Factory putting finishing touches on new album…

Fear Factory vocalist Burton C. Bell is “putting the finishing touches on his vocals” for the band’s new studio album, which is expected to drop sometime this summer via Nuclear Blast. The album is currently in production in North Hollywood, California with longtime producer/collaborator Rhys Fulber at the helm. As for the final mix down of the project, that will fall upon producer Andy Sneap (Megadeth, Killswitch Engage, Exodus, Testament etc.).

This album marks the first Fear Factory album distributed through Nuclear Blast.  When speaking about the record, guitarist Dino Cazares says: “It’s still just to be who we are. We are ‘cyber metal,’ whatever you wanna call it, but it’s still a lot of the killer riffs, killer double bass, Burt’s beautiful, melodic vocals. Conceptually, it’s always still futuristic, man-versus-machine type of thing, but, you know, we thought we’re gonna keep it real, keep it what we are and who we are.”

This year also marks the 20th anniversary of the classic Fear Factory album “Demanufacture” however only Cazares and Bell remain from the classic lineup.  According to Cazares: “The two main members are in the band right now. The soul of the machine is still intact, and that’s me and Burton. And I don’t think anything has changed, really.”

He continued: “Every album we do always has to have something a little different. From the beginning, from the first album, ‘Soul Of A New Machine’, it was very death metal inspired, [with] a little bit of industrial. The second album, ‘Demanufacture’, the classic album… Every record changes. ‘Obsolete’ was a big difference, you know what I mean?! But my right hand is still there, the passion is still there, Burt’s killer melodic vocals are still there. So I think that’s all that matters.”

Frontman Bell stated previously about the project: “It’s classic Fear Factory sound, the sound that fans have always expected, but I think because we are taking our time, the songs are really well crafted. Without losing the edge or the angst. Without losing the essence of Fear Factory, but they are well-crafted songs. We have an album title that we are happy with which really represents a good Fear Factory title.”

Bell continued: “It’s based on science-fiction, essentially futuristic concepts. It’s bringing the concept of man versus machine around again, but this time, the way I’m thinking about the machine is that it’s fully cognitive and fully understands where its place is and what it needs to do. So the machine has very human qualities now.”

Filling out Fear Factory are drummer Mike Heller and bassist Matt DeVries.