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GARY HOLT Reacts To EXODUS Being Referred To As “Sh*tty METALLICA” On COBRA KAI Episode

Exodus shredder Gary Holt reacts to Netflix series Cobra Kai character slamming his band.

EXODUS guitarist Gary Holt has reacted to his band being referenced as “shitty METALLICA” by a character on the Netflix series ‘Cobra Kai’.

In the clip from the show, based on the original Karate Kid feature films, a character gets upset with another for blasting EXODUS and goes on to refer to the thrash band as a substandard version of their Bay area counterparts in METALLICA.

“RAD!!” Gary Holt remarked via his Instagram. “One of my favorite shows just threw a massive Exodus reference! So sick!”

In the scene (minor spoilers ahead), the character of Raymond (also known as “Stingray,” played by Paul Walter Hauser) is confronted by a neighbor who complains to him that someone was “blaring shitty Metallica all night.” Raymond responds, “Yeah, that was actually Exodus’ Bonded by Blood. But it’s not your fault, you don’t know the genre.”

EXODUS released their latest album, “Persona Non Grata”, in November of last year.

Cobra Kai is now available on Netflix and is currently in its fourth season. The show has already been renewed for a fifth season.


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