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Guitarist GEORGE LYNCH Is Currently Working On His Second Solo Instrumental Album

Guitarist George Lynch (DOKKEN, LYNCH MOB) has begun work on the follow-up to his instrumental album, “Seamless”, which arrived last August.

On Tuesday (March 15), George shared a video on Instagram of him in the studio and included the following message: “Day 1 of preproduction of a new solo instrumental record Follow up to #seamless. Got my buddy chis tickling the mouse and just seeing where the wind takes us. #everydayisanadventure @ratpakrecords #guitarsattheendoftheworld #threechordsandthetruth @bigchrisflores”.

For the recording of “Seamless”, Lynch worked with drummer Jimmy D’Anda (BULLETBOYS)and bassist Eric Loiselle.

Lynch previously said about the release: “‘Seamless’ is my attempt at creating a guitar-driven instrumental record that delivers something outside the realm of what most people would expect from a guitar instrumental record coming from a semi-redeemed ’80s hair shredder. I wanted the record to be challenging but not exhausting; personal without being belligerently self-indulgent and include a fair amount of guitar histrionics and pay tribute to the masters without making it sound like I’m competing to be the end all summation of all guitar legacies that preceded me. I also wanted the underlying music to be more than vehicles for solos; I wanted the compositions to be able to stand on their own.”


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