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Thrash metallers Exhorder have lost their guitarist, Marzi Montazeri.

EXHORDER have lost their guitarist, Marzi Montazeri.

Montazeri, who joined the thrash metal act in 2017, broke the news in a social media post yesterday, saying: “With all my love to the boys in EXHORDER I have decided to no longer be a part of it!

“I have a lot going on and it’s beautiful!” he added. “I’ll soon let y’all know!”

After Marzi joined EXHORDER, the band released their first album in 27 years, “Mourn The Southern Skies”, in September 2019.

Singer Kyle Thomas is now the sole remaining founding member of EXHORDER, who released their debut album, “Slaughter In The Vatican”, in 1990. Original EXHORDER guitarist Vinnie LaBella walked away from the group in February 2020 .