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IRON MAIDEN Frontman BRUCE DICKINSON Wants To Challenge EDDIE To An Onstage Lightsaber Duel

Iron Maiden's 17th studio album, Senjutsu, arrives this Friday, September 3.

IRON MAIDEN frontman Bruce Dickinson wants to have an onstage lightsaber duel with the band’s iconic mascot Eddie.

Aside from being the frontman for IRON MAIDEN, Bruce is also an accomplished airline pilot, author, entrepreneur, speaker and businessman. On top of that he is also a well-respected force in the sport of competitive fencing. With the recent addition of lightsabers becoming legitimately sanctioned within the world of fencing, the singer has hopes of one day dueling with the band’s iconic mascot, Eddie, while onstage, using lightsabers. Yes, just like the ones from the STAR WARS franchise.

In a new interview about IRON MAIDEN’s new album, ‘Senjutsu’, Dickinson told Forbes that fans could potentially expect for just such a dual to happen when the metal legends return to the road in support of their upcoming 17th album.

When asked if he will be fighting a samurai version of Eddie, (as IRON MAIDEN’s latest album prominently features a samurai Eddie on the cover) Dickinson replied, “Here’s a weird thing. The International Fencing Federation, okay, the actual, like, Western fencing federation in particular, and this is kind of led by the French, now has internationally sanctioned competitions in lightsaber.”

“I kid you not, in lightsaber,” he reiterated, assuring everyone that this is not a joke.

Bruce continued, “I’ve seen one or two of their training sessions and they actually have competition lightsabers and they are the coolest things. I bought a couple of junior fencing lightsabers and they are just the coolest things on God’s green earth. It’s a full on combat lightsaber. You can bash the shit out of it! It doesn’t break!”

He’s even had a go at playing around with the lighted weaponry himself.

“I carried these once into a hotel lobby and we ended up having lightsaber fights in the lobby and nobody stopped us because everybody’s like, “That is the coolest thing we’ve ever seen.” So the idea of having like a lightsaber duel with a samurai Eddie on stage, oh yeah, bring it on,” Dickinson exclaimed.

Senjutsu arrives this Friday, September 3.