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IRON MAIDEN’s BRUCE DICKINSON On METALLICA’s ‘Black’ LP: ‘We Could Never Do An Album Like That’

The latest issue of Classic Rock magazine is a look back at METALLICA's iconic self-titled LP, better known as the "Black Album".

The latest issue of Classic Rock magazine is a look back at METALLICA’s iconic self-titled LP, better known as the “Black Album”. The issue sees fellow rockers and fans alike discussing the record and how it has affected them individually. One of those musicians is none other than IRON MAIDEN vocalist Bruce Dickinson who shared what the seminal album means to him and his fellow MAIDEN members.

“Ourselves, JUDAS PRIEST and PANTERA all reached a crossroads where we had the chance to really step up to the next level,” Dickinson said. “But none of us had the balls to do it. METALLICA did, though. You have to give them huge credit for grabbing the opportunity when it came up, taking the risk and deservedly reaping the enormous rewards. You cannot underestimate their achievement with this album.

“It’s one of those seminal albums that just gets it right,” he continued. “It’s extremely well-produced, and every note on that album is totally under control. I admire how they did it, and what they did with the songs, and it was very effective: it undoubtedly did help push metal into the mainstream. I know it wasn’t Mutt Lange who produced it, but Bob Rock had that similar thing where the producer was very much in control.”

Bruce added that he and his MAIDEN bandmates could not have attempted to do anything similar. “We could never do an album like that, because we’re not that under control, and we don’t want to be,” he said. “With us, the wheels would fall off the bus and we’d end up firing the producer.”

To commemorate its 30th anniversary of the monumental release, the ‘Black’ Album is receiving its definitive re-release on September 10 via the band’s own Blackened Recordings. Remastered for ultimate sound quality, The Black Album remaster will be available in multiple configurations including 180-gram double vinyl LP, standard CD and 3 CD expanded edition, digital, and limited-edition deluxe box set (containing the album remastered on 180-gram 2LP, a picture disc, three live LPs, 14 CDs (containing rough mixes, demos, interviews, live shows), 6 DVDs (containing outtakes, behind the scenes, official videos, live shows), a 120-page hardcover book, four tour laminates, three lithos, three guitar picks, a METALLICA lanyard, a folder with lyric sheets, and a download card).