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It Appears MARILYN MANSON Has Turned To Christ

Marilyn Manson attended Kanye West‘s latest Sunday Service performance, appearing in white robes alongside pop singer Justin Bieber.

Marilyn Manson has always seemed to maintain more of a “kinship” with the guy downstairs instead of the Christian God. However, this year’s Halloween saw the shock rocker attending Kanye West‘s latest Sunday Service performance, appearing in white robes alongside pop singer Justin Bieber.

Kanye’s event was livestreamed across select streaming platforms and continues to show the growing friendship between the rapper and Manson which first became public at West’s “Donda” listening event in Chicago earlier this year.

Kanye West‘s “pop-up style” Sunday Service events generally follow the Christian gospel and include prayer circles which Manson can be seen participating in.

Manson is currently facing numerous allegations of sexual assault, abuse and more after over a dozen women came forward with disturbing allegations against him this past February including his ex-fiancée, actress Evan Rachel Wood.

Wood named Marilyn Manson as her abuser back in February of this year, saying: “The name of my abuser is Brian Warner, also known to the world as Marilyn Manson,” Wood wrote. “He started grooming me when I was a teenager and horrifically abused me for years. I was brainwashed and manipulated into submission.”

The couple were in a romantic relationship that began when Wood was 19 and Manson was 38.

The statement continues, “I am done living in fear of retaliation, slander, or blackmail. I am here to expose this dangerous man and call out the many industries that have enabled him before he ruins any more lives. I stand with the many victims who will no longer be silent.”

Wood created the Phoenix Act — which was signed into law by California Governor Gavin Newsom in 2019 and took effect in 2020. “The Phoenix Act introduces legislation to state policymakers. Our organizers work within the state government to create more rights for survivors, not harsher punishments for perpetrators,” says the Act’s statement of purpose. “Under specific circumstances, there should be exceptions to the statute of limitations for domestic violence crimes. — to extend the statute of limitations on domestic violence from three years to five. “

In 2018 Wood testified before Congress, detailing being raped, tortured and mentally abused by a former boyfriend in order to advocate for implementing the Sexual Assault Survivor’s Bill of Rights Act in all 50 states.

“And the worst part: Sick rituals of binding me up by my hands and feet to be mentally and physically tortured until my abuser felt I had proven my love for them. ”Wood continued by explaining how this trauma had affected her psychologically. “While I was tied up and being beaten and told unspeakable things, I truly felt like I could die,” she said. “Not just because my abuser said to me, ‘I could kill you right now,’ but because in that moment I felt like I left my body and I was too afraid to run.”

Manson has denied the allegations against him.