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JAMES HETFIELD Discusses The Guy Who Turned Down The Gig Fronting METALLICA

Hetfield spoke about the band's early days on his SiriusXM show called "Road Dog Brothers", which airs on the new Mandatory Metallica channel.

James Hetfield has revealed that METALLICA originally wanted ARMORED SAINT frontman John Bush as their singer when they were first starting out.

Hetfield reflected back on the band’s early days on the latest episode of his SiriusXM show called “Road Dog Brothers”, which airs on the new Mandatory METALLICA channel. The show sees James play songs from bands that METALLICA toured with while he shares a few stories.

In the video clip below, James confirms that the band tried to recruit Bush but at the time he was committed to his band, ARMORED SAINT. He then shared an anecdote about METALLICA recruiting one of ARMORED SAINTS’ tech guys.

For more on John Bush’s reasoning for turning down METALLICA, go to this location to listen to him discuss that opportunity plus much more.