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Alice In Chains' guitarist Jerry Cantrell hails Faith No More singer Mike Patton as a “sick” vocalist.

ALICE IN CHAINS guitarist Jerry Cantrell has said that he would “love to” jam with FAITH NO MORE/MR. BUNGLE frontman Mike Patton.

Cantrell recently spoke with the Life In The Stocks podcast, where he hailed Patton as a “sick” vocalist, and expressed admiration for the singer’s talent and creativity.

When asked if he had ever had the opportunity to jam with Patton, Cantrell replied, “I never have, but I would love to” revealing that he went to see MR. BUNGLE in Los Angeles in February 2020, when the band first reunited after 20 years.

“Patton is sick,” said Cantrell. “I love how versatile he is, the energy that he is, and he’s got so many different voices; I don’t think he’s ever satisfied, and that’s why he keeps swimming so fast. It’s amazing to see all the notes and the different art that he puts out.”

“I also took a little bit of a lesson out of his book by going it alone and making indie records,” Cantrell adds. “[Former DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN vocalist and Cantrell collaborator] Greg Puciato is good mates with Patton as well, and he’s had experience doing independent records and running everything out of a little mom-and-pop store instead of a major record label structure. So that’s another really interesting feature about this record [Brighten]: it’s my first completely independent record. And I definitely took some notes and guidance from Greg, and Mike Patton through Greg in that department.”

To listen to the full interview go to this location.

Cantrell’s new solo album, “Brighten”, was made available on October 29.