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KIRK HAMMET’s Guitar From METALLICA’s ‘One’ Music Video Is On The Auction Block

Own a piece of Metallica history with Kirk's axe from the 'One' video.

The guitar Kirk Hammett plays in the METALLICA music video for the song “One” is now up for auction via Dallas collectibles dealer Heritage Auctions.

Bidding on the axe is open for the next five days at this location.

As for the guitar itself, it is a natural wood finish Strat-style ESP model from the Japanese instrument maker’s 400 Series. It comes complete with three single-coil pickups, black hardware and a Floyd Rose tremolo system. It has a 1-11/16th width nut on a rosewood slab neck, weighs nearly 8 pounds, and it comes in its original hardshell case. Not to mention, the instrument is also signed by Hammett in silver ink and includes a certificate of authenticity.

You can see some pics of the guitar below.

“Released in early 1989, Metallica’s ‘One’ video was the first video the metal band ever made,” Heritage Auctions says in its description of the instrument. “Having released three albums with no promotional videos accompanying them, having a five-minute video edit of their fourth album’s third single was a major deal back then.”

The listing continues, “Shot in black and white and splicing footage and audio from the 1971 film Johnny Got His Gun, the ‘One’ video was a staple on MTV. But it wasn’t just a Headbanger’s Ball staple — it was on MTV during the daytime in between videos from U2, Debbie Gibson and Bon Jovi.”

Check it out at entertainment.ha.com.