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KORN “Failed Miserably” With ‘III: Remember Who You Are’ Album Says JONATHAN DAVIS

Korn frontman Jonathan Davis discusses the band's challenges with 'III: Remember Who You Are'.

KORN singer Jonathan Davis recently sat down with Music Feeds and was asked if there were there any records that the band released that he felt didn’t quite live up to expectation.

Davis responded: “I think [2010’s] “Korn III[: Remember Who You Are]’. That was hard because we were trying to recapture something and it was way in the past and we failed miserably. I mean, I like the record, but it wasn’t fun to make because [producer] Ross [Robinson] was doing his methods and he really turned them on really hard. And it was just a fucked up, weird time in the band when we did that.”

KORN’s new album, “Requiem”, is set to  be released on February 4 via Loma Vista Recordings. The band will celebrate the LP’s arrival with a special record-release event this coming Thursday, February 3 at the Hollywood United Methodist Church in Los Angeles, California. “Requiem Mass” will see the Southern California heavy music pioneers perform an intimate set in front of a 300 attendees.

KORN kicked off a small tour with SYSTEM OF A DOWN Monday night (January 31) in Phoenix. KORN’s headlining tour with CHEVELLE and CODE ORANGE commences on March 4.