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KORN Team Up With PUCK HCKY For New Hockey-Themed Swag

New hockey themed Korn merch on the way.

Puck Hcky, the hockey-based fashion brand, has released a new collection of gear with the legendary band KORN.

Matt Marini, CEO of Puck Hcky, says: “When KORN dropped their first record, you knew it was something very special the moment it blasted out of the speakers and literally rattled your brain. That amazing low end, the groove, the vocal styling and the phenomenal guitar work were so original and remain so to this day. KORN has remained consistently great over 25 years and 13 albums, and it is truly an honor for Puck Hcky to be working with them. We had a great time creating this collection together, and there is much more to come.”

The Korn x Puck Hcky collection includes pro-level quality crested jerseys, hoodies, flannels, joggers, hats, raglans and tees.

The entire collection is available at www.puckhcky.com.

Based in Royal Oak, Michigan, about 10 minutes north of Detroit, Puck Hcky started in 2015 when Marini decided that the hockey world needed a “cool” fashion brand and his partner, Puck Hcky president Amy Steffek, pushed to “go for it.” “So we jumped in, and Puck Hcky was born,” Marini told California Rubber. “We are having an absolute blast with the brand and growing day by day. We have an amazing crew here, too. Everyone is totally focused on making Puck Hcky the go-to hockey-fashion brand for the masses.”

Regarding Puck Hcky’s artist collaborations, Marini said: “What makes all of the collaborations special is that we truly get each partner to participate in the creation of the designs, which brings a certain level of authenticity to the end-products. We refuse to put any product out for sale until they are 100 percent approved by each partner we work with. It’s awesome.”